Welcome to the Caribbean Palace!

Thanks for visiting our website. We are working on making updates to the menu and other exciting announcements! Look for more information to come soon! Great people and great food!

One comment on “Welcome to the Caribbean Palace!

  1. This website for the business looks very nice. I have been coming for my roti here since I was small when my daddy would bring me there. My memory is not as good as it used to be but I thought it may have been even before 1992. Regardless, our routine was to do some grocery shopping down the street from you all in the Caribbean Market then come there for roti and maybe a currants roll or coconut drop. I live about 40 minutes away now but still make an effort to keep that tradition going every so often because you all really do have the best roti in my opinion in the DC area. Every time I come I tell myself I will try out the rice & peas but it’s so difficult to resist the roti since I already know it is delicious and not sure about anything else… except the doubles! I got hooked on those from you all a few years ago too and just stopped by this past weekend for some. Once again as far as DC Metro, yours is definitely the closest to tasting like they do in T&T. I bet people always ask you why you use foil instead of wax paper but it doesn’t really matter to me because it still tastes fantastic. For you all to be around so long it really shows how good your food is. Thank you all so much and see you again very soon!

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